M. J. “Jr” Redden has a long and rich history associated with racing motorcycles and cars as an amateur and a professional.  

In 1958 at the age of 18, Jr was fabricating roll bar cages for Don Yenko’s Chevrolet Racing Cars in Cannonsburg, Pennsylvania.  Recently, Jr received a photo of Yenko’s 1957 SCCA Corvette clearly showing Jr's personalized “R” signature  imprinted on the roll bar.  Redden Classic's restoration of  1953 – 1982 Corvette cars became a full time dedication in 1998.  Working from a three-bay, two-lift garage in Hickory, PA [near Pittsburgh], Jr can offer a variety of improvements, or swaps on engines, and has performed many ground-up restorations of  “barn finds” and Corvettes needing some TLC.

Recently, a near-junk COPO Corvette found it’s way to Redden Classic Restoration. The original GM  designer used a 1967 chassis and 1968 body.   It was  painted British Racing Green with a Tobacco interior & surprises.  Jr's  final restoration earned the  Owner first place in the NCCC judging at Carlisle, PA,  and the best  engine award.

Read the COPO “Missing Link” story with photos reported by free-lance writer/photographer Steve Temple in Corvette Magazine, dated April 2018.

Jr has a total of three restoration features by Steve Temple: 

* May 2016 “HEARTBEAT” VETTE Magazine  - Sandy Redden's '75  Restomod Coup w/Stinger Hood and PPG Bright Yellow Skin.

   * May 2017 “Fine Tuning” VETTE Magazine  - Jr Redden's C5 2003 Z06, Torch Red...w/Lingenfelter-preppred LS6, fitted with a Magnuson supercharger pumping 12 psi of boost.

* September 2018 “YENKO RESCUE” Corvette Magazine   - Bill  Duchess's amazing "find in a warehouse" in June  2014. Note, this Shark sat in 2 ft of water after the deluge of  Ivan. Read the story of Jr Redden's restoration.

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